It is a fee-based comprehensive research based investment advisory service for high net worth individuals which incorporates both financial planning and specialized financial services, including estate planning, tax optimization, risk management and portfolio management services. The goal is to sustain and grow long-term wealth.

At Adyanta we provide you with Simplified & Customized Wealth Management Solutions. Our Belief is that there is spark in every person that distinguishes him as an individual, and defines his aspirations and goals. Based on the above parameters we offer solutions keeping in mind factors such as risk-adjusted Return Expectation, Financial Goals & Risk-Appetite

The amount of investments or the portfolio size needed to qualify for our Wealth Management Service is Rs. 25 Lakhs. Hence this service is confined to HNIs, Ultra HNIs and NRIs.

In order to access the exact needs of our clients we use the most scientific tools & technology. The Asset Allocation and the product strategies are based entirely on the client’s risk profile & goals. For e.g.: The Asset Allocation & Product strategies for Clients with Conservative, Moderate & Aggressive Risk profiles will be completely different.

Since we have the widest range of Financial Products including Equities, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, PMS, Alternate Assets, Bonds, etc., we can provide with the best solution that has unique competitive advantage and that fits into their defined Portfolio strategy.

The Portfolios of our clients are managed in a highly professional & scientific manner along with complete transparency so that we not just meet their expectations but exceed them.

In case if you are interested in our Wealth Management Solutions, please free to Contact us.