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Adyanta Financial Consultancy is on its mission to transform financial life of individuals and families. This journey is from financial worries to financial freedom, from chaos to order, from average financial life to excellent financial life, from frown to smile, from dream to goal & from goal to reality. This journey is full of discovery, discipline and doings. Our beginning was modest, and now more than 350 families, in India and abroad, are with us, stepping in unison, with confidence, towards a brighter and happier tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

Every person is different and every life has different aspirations, needs and demands. The financial plan therefore is completely customised to suit your life situations, financial goals and challenges.

We put you in the centre and work sincerely towards providing you with an actionable roadmap that acts as a guide throughout your life.

We treat your money i.e. investments as means to achieve your financial goals thereby ensuring adequate safety, liquidity and growth for your invested money.

We are highly approachable i.e. just a phone call/ email away, whenever you need us to take the most informed decisions regarding your financial future.

When you face any transition in your life which is affecting your financial decisions, we are there to relook and update your financial plan to get you back on track on the journey towards financial freedom.

Our clients are like our family and therefore are treated with love, care and respect but follow a systematic, scientific and professional approach.

We believe in maintaining transparency with all our clients at the same time maintain client confidentiality.

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